Gender-Focused Counseling

Gender is complex, personal, and uniquely experienced and expressed by each individual, family, community, and culture. I help people who want to learn more about their internal relationship with their gender, and the ways in which the world around them impacts that internal relationship. Wherever you are in your gender journey, therapy can be a helpful and supportive part of your gender journey.

In some cases, therapy may be mandated by your doctor or insurance company in order to obtain medical treatment. While I have been trained to understand and utilize the WPATH Standards of Care, version 7, my clients find that I embrace the informed consent model for gender-affirming care, which emphasizes an adult person’s own assessment of their readiness for medical transition, with a focus on the person’s ability to take responsibility for the potential risks involved with their transition.

I offer pro bono, time-limited assessment and letter preparation for adult clients in Massachusetts and Maine who are seeking a letter to establish readiness and ability to consent to gender affirming medical care. Please contact me to inquire about this service.