About Counseling

Counseling, or psychotherapy, is a process designed to help you identify and reach goals related to your emotional health, mental health, relationships, quality of life, or other areas in your life that you feel you need support to improve. Some things that counseling might help you accomplish are: improvements to mood, decrease in worried thoughts, better interpersonal relationships, new ways to manage stress, decrease in physical symptoms of stress, better quality of life, and other outcomes that are more specific to your identified goals.

Counseling is for you if you feel ready to talk through, write about, draw about, or even play about some of the problems in your life that you’re feeling ready to solve. I employ a variety of techniques depending on your age and comfort level to help you express what is troubling you and begin to work through it.

Most people, therapists and clients alike, find that the most important part of a successful counseling experience is the relationship clients have with their therapist. Some therapists and clients have a good “fit”, and sometimes the “fit” is just not right. I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation prior to scheduling an appointment to take some time to get to know you and let you get to know me, so that we can try to avoid a poor fit. This consultation session includes a brief structured interview, to be sure that we are a good logistical fit, followed by an opportunity for you to interview me a bit. My goal is to help you find your way to the right therapist for you, and I’m happy to offer additional recommendations during our consultation call if we determine together that you need to seek different services and/or therapists to meet your need.