Group Therapy

Group therapy involves multiple participants seeking change and growth coming together with a therapist facilitating each session. Group therapy is different from a support group, although many people feel supported in group therapy! The main difference is that group therapy is led by a therapist and focused on helping individuals reach their goals for change, whereas support groups do not need to be led by a therapist and are more focused on helping individuals cope with shared challenges.

Check out my blog entry, “Is Group Therapy Right For You?” to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of attending group therapy.

Below are some examples of the groups I facilitate. To learn more or sign up for group, please contact me. This page is updated frequently to keep you informed of which groups are available currently.

The Rainbow Connection Series:

Groups for pre-teens, teens, young adults, and parents and caregivers who are transgender, gender non-binary, and/or gender creative and experiencing a range of challenges related to their gender identity and expression. Continue reading for more specific descriptions of each group.

The Rainbow Connection for Parents and Caregivers

Has your child expressed feeling sad or angry that they cannot wear certain clothes, play with certain toys, or play with children of a particular gender without criticism? Is your child bullied or otherwise mistreated by their peers, teachers, coaches, and/or other community members for the way that they express their gender? Are you a concerned parent, unsure of how best to support your child to live their best life? This is a non-judgmental therapy group for parents and caregivers to talk through these challenges with other families who are going through similar struggles. There is no expected outcome of this group and you will never be pressured to choose how to support your child. There is a wide range of outcomes for children who express gender creativity and the goal is to help your child live their healthiest life. Family therapy is strongly recommended as a complement to this group.

The Rainbow Connection for Pre-Teens (ages 10-13), and
The Rainbow Connection for Teens (ages 13-17)

Do you think about gender a lot? Do you think about YOUR gender a lot? Are you feeling sad, stressed or depressed? Isolated, worried, or confused? You may be experiencing hardships related to your school environment, friends, teachers, teammates, coaches, and even family members not accepting you or treating you differently because of your gender identity. You may be blaming yourself, or taking it out on the people closest to you. You may be angry, hurt, or afraid that coming out has already or will result in the loss of important relationships when for you personally it has meant finally being able to be yourself. You’re not alone! Come together with a group of other people your age to talk about gender. Together we’ll learn about common challenges for people who are transgender or non-binary and discover how each of you can overcome thoughts and feelings that are bothering you.

The Rainbow Connection for Young Adults (ages 18-24)

It can be really hard to transition to adulthood while you are also transitioning your gender! Young adulthood is a stressful time already, as you’re learning to navigate the world of bills and roommates and jobs and cooking for yourself, and to add a gender transition, or coming out for the first time to your family, or simply managing the stressors of being transgender or non-binary on top of all of that can be overwhelming. It can be easy to isolate yourself from friends and family, or to worry excessively about your future, but these things can also be really harmful to you. If you are struggling with sadness or anxiety, this is not abnormal, and group therapy can help. We’ll meet with a group of people your age and set some goals together for where you want to be, and we’ll work on it together, with others who have similar goals.